Saturday, July 13, 2013

Eight days away!

In eight days I will be heading to Europe for two months. I will be visiting friends, my godchildren and some the more unique wine regions of the world. A sample of places I will visit wineries in:
Portugal: Madeira and Oporto
Italy: Trentino Alto Adige and Valtellina
Germany: Mosel and Rheingau
Since I will be away for two months there is a lot of planning to do, finding places to stay, arranging for cell phone plans, storage of my car etc.....This past week Chris and I were up at his family's cottage in Port Stanley. The timing was perfect! Thank goodness for their wifi, so I could do all kinds of research. What I was most excited about during this stay was having a place to unpack for a whole 5 nights and access to laundry!!! A big THANK-YOU to Chris' parents for lending us the place:)
On the way up to Port Stanley I got word that my car arrived in Kitchener from Calgary by transporter truch, but with damage:( Long story short is the transportation company is looking after the repairs but I will be without my car for another week and a half. At least it will be repaired before my trip. 

Floyd Family Port Stanley Cottage
Some of the damage to my car.

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