Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm on vacation, finally!

I have been quiet on the blog the past week as I feel like I'm finally on vacation and have taken a break! I know that hopping all over Europe visiting wineries, beautiful places and eating well sounds pretty good but its a lot of work!!! I think the last time I was on holiday was October 2012.

About eight days ago I flew from Milan to London Heathrow to visit my boyfriend Chris who is working as a freelance chef. Chris is Canadian but also has British Citizenship. He is in the UK taking advantage of his passport and to get some London food experience. Our time together started out rather busy with some sightseeing and catching up with friends from BC. My ISG Diploma classmate Matt and his wife (Shannon) were in London for a wine event the same time I was in town. Ironically, Matt and Shannon have more or less book ended my four months of travel while living out of a suitcase. After leaving Vancouver in June, one of my first blog posts was visiting Matt and Shannon at their home in Kelowna.  Not only did the four of us have a great night of sightseeing together, I was able to meet up with Matt and some other Canadian's at a wine event called the Beautiful South. This was a collaboration of tastings from producers in Argentina, Chile and South Africa.  I was very pleased that I got in. It is for people in the trade only, there was no cost to attend, they gave me $10 for lunch and I attended 3 wine seminars for free!!!!

Unfortunately, the weather took a turn for the worse. As my brother would say, "London weather today- its going to be cold, wet and sh*#tty". That just about sums it up. Chris was sick for two days with brutal cold and I am at about 85%. I have been enjoying some time indoors watching episodes of Downton Abbey starting with season one on Netflix:)

Yesterday Chris and I managed a few hours at the British Museum then walked Oxford Circus, Regent Street and Picadilly. I also got to browse through the wine shops of all the big department stores: Selfridges, Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, Harvey Nichols.

There are still two or three posts from my time at wineries in Italy that I would like to complete....but all in due course. Tomorrow I head back to Zurich for three nights then onto Waterloo, Ontario! I can't believe it.

Shannon, Matt & Chris at Gordon's Wine Bar
Rain and cloud over Buckingham

Big Ben - Parliment
The British Museum and 4 hours of blue skies.....

Fortnum & Mason Department Store

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