Tuesday, August 13, 2013

azores photos

The Azores, an archipelago of volcanic islands. There are 9 of them and Sao Miguel is the largest. It is evident that you are on the remnants of an eruption with the black rock, lava formations on the shore and black sand beaches. I could only come up with one word - Wild!
We visited the village of Furnas, which is home to a crater lake surrounded with geysers and hot springs. The locals cook in these geysers, see a series of photos below. A large bucket full of meat, vegetables and potatos is positioned inside these geysers, buried under the sand with a marking on a stick so you know which one is yours when it is cooked, six hours later. As soon as I got out of the car I touched the ground and felt the heat right way and then noticed sounds of what sounded like drums. But they were in fact hot bubbling mud cones from the earth. Again, wild.

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