Monday, August 19, 2013

Markus Molitor, Mosel

An exciting tasting at Markus Molitor in the MittleMosel comprised of tasting riesling wines of the same sweetness levels over a number of vintages and dry to sweet wines of various years. It was a highlight to have an opportunity to taste the rare Beerenauslese('06) and Eiswein ('07)! But before we tasted the whites we started with a vertical of their Pinot Noir years '08, '09 and '06. The '06 was a 100 point wine! The grape is actually Pinot Noir and not the typical Spätburgunder of the region. These are Dijon clones in a combination Chambolle Musigny and Gevry Chambertin. The wines showed like Burgundy with the hallmark of German acidity.
Marcus Molitor only exercises spontaneous fermentation for all their wine styles and the mandate for this family run winery is to help restore the wines of the Mosel to their former glory. They own 14 or more small parcels of land all over the region and hand harvest at crazy low yields between 10-55 hl/ha.
This winery doesn't do anything without giving 110%. Stunning building, tasting room, stemware and experience. I saw a few of their bottles while I was living in Vancouver and I would like to see more when I'm back in Canada!

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