Monday, August 26, 2013

Future Postings

Things to come!
I have had an incredible learning experience in Alsace the past 5 days. Alsace is known as a gastronomic capital (the most Michelin restaurants per capita in the world), the most diverse geological history and soils, a hot bed of biodynamic vineyard practices, and it's just so darn pretty!
Tomorrow I travel back to Zurich to stay with my friends and Godchildren again. They have been looking after my computer which I'm anxious to blog on....and I'm even more anxious for laundry detergent!!!
The things I will be posting are my visits to Michelin star restaurant, Le Crocodile in Strasbourg, and the following wineries:
Domaine Weinbach
Albert Mann
Pierre Sparr
Barmes Buecher

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